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Varicose veins are swollen, twisted, and enlarged veins that you can see under the skin. They are often red or blue in color. They most often appear in the legs, Standards varicosity, but can occur in other parts of the body, Standards varicosity. Normally, one-way valves in your leg veins keep blood moving up toward the heart.

When the valves Standards varicosity not work properly, they allow blood to back up into the Standards varicosity. The vein swells from the blood that collects there, which causes varicose veins. Varicose veins are common, and affect more women than men. They do not cause problems for most people.

However, if the flow of blood through veins becomes worse, problems such as leg swelling and pain, blood clots, and skin changes may be present. Your health care provider will examine your legs to look for swelling, changes in skin color, or sores. Your provider also may:. Your provider may suggest that you take the following self-care steps to help manage varicose veins:.

If the varicose veins are larger, longer, or more widespread on the leg, your provider will suggest one of the following:.

Varicose veins tend to get worse over time. Taking self-care steps can help relieve achiness and pain, keep varicose veins from getting worse, and prevent more serious problems, Standards varicosity.

Sabiston Textbook of Surgery. Cronenwett JL, Johnston W, eds. Kabnick LS, Sadek M. Review provided by VeriMed Healthcare Network.

Older age Being female hormonal changes from puberty, Standards varicosity, pregnancy, and menopause can lead to varicose veins, and taking birth control pills or hormone replacement can increase your risk Being born with defective valves Obesity Pregnancy History of blood clots in your legs Standing or sitting for long periods of time Family history of varicose veins.

Symptoms of varicose veins include: Fullness, heaviness, aching, and sometimes pain in the legs Visible, swollen veins Smaller veins that you can see on the surface of the skin, called spider veins.

Thigh or trophische Geschwüre unter den Nägeln cramps often at night Mild swelling of feet or ankles Itching If flow of blood through the veins becomes worse, symptoms may include: Leg swelling Leg or calf pain after sitting or standing for long periods Skin color changes of the legs or ankles Dry, irritated, scaly skin that can crack easily Skin sores ulcers that do not heal easily Thickening and hardening of the skin in the legs and ankles this can happen Standards varicosity time, Standards varicosity.

Your provider also may: Check blood flow in the veins Rule out other problems with the legs such as a blood clot. Your provider may suggest that you take the following self-care steps to help manage varicose veins: Wear compression stockings to decrease swelling.

These stockings gently squeeze your legs to move blood up towards your Standards varicosity. DO NOT sit or stand for long periods. Even moving your legs slightly helps keep the blood flowing, Standards varicosity. Raise your legs above your heart 3 or 4 times a day Standards varicosity 15 minutes at a time.

Care for wounds if you have any open sores or infections. Standards varicosity provider can show you how. Lose weight if you are overweight. This can help you keep off Standards varicosity and help move blood up your legs. Walking or swimming are Standards varicosity options.

If you have dry or cracked skin on your legs, moisturizing may help. However, some skin care treatments can make the problem worse. Talk to Standards varicosity provider before using any lotions, creams, or antibiotic ointments. Standards varicosity provider can recommend lotions that can help, Standards varicosity. If only a small number of varicose veins are present, the following procedures may be used: Salt water or a chemical solution is injected into the vein.

The vein hardens and disappears. Small surgical cuts are made in the leg near the damaged vein. The vein is removed through one of the cuts. If the varicose veins are larger, longer, or more widespread on the leg, your provider will suggest one of the following: Procedures that can be done in a provider's office or clinic, such as using a laser or radiofrequency Varicose vein stripping, used to remove or tie off a large vein in the leg called the superficial saphenous vein.

When to Contact a Medical Professional. Standards varicosity your provider if: Varicose veins are painful.

They get worse or do not improve with self-care, such as by wearing compression stockings or avoiding standing or sitting for too long. You have a sudden increase in pain or swelling, fever, redness of the leg, or leg sores. You develop leg sores that do not heal. Varicose veins - what to ask your doctor. Varicose veins Circulatory system. Varicose Veins Read more. Latest Health News Read more. Health Topics A-Z Read more.

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I have recently seen the full page advertisement in The Sunday Mail for yet another product claiming to be helpful in the management of varicose veins a nd spider veins. These products seem to appear with monotonous regularity like diet pills and exercise equipment etc. This is in stark contrast with all medical products that cannot be released into the market UNTIL they have a demonstrated benefit and have undergone rigorous impartial testing.

I have been unable to find any such papers relating to Veins Clear. You can be the judge but it is my opinion that this product will provide no demonstrable benefit to anyone and the advertisement is just very clever marketing. Tell Standards varicosity what you think - leave your comments, Standards varicosity, questions or feedback on our Facebook page. Search for an Standards varicosity here What sort of veins do you have?

What are varicose veins? What are spider veins? How do you get varicose veins? Veins Clear - Does it work? Do ANY supplements help? There is also Circulation Booster www. Anonymous commented on Apr Dr Paul varcoe commented on Apr Horse Chestnut seems to help some people with aching but otherwise there is little to Standards varicosity that any supplements pass any sort of rigorous medical testing.

Dr Paul Varcoe commented on Apr Massage however may help the ache that some people feel with vein problems but will not effect the progression of the problem. The Circulation Booster seems to help with some patients who have swelling, which may on some occasions be associated with venous incompetence, but will not effect the progression of the problem. Brian Broadhead commented on Apr My legs feel as if I have tight constrictive stockings on anad they really ache and are painful at night.

Occassionally my legs and feet swell up if I have been on them for a while. Can you recommend any solution. Could it be a vascular problem? Hi Brian, You seem to have various issues going on which really makes it too difficult to give any worthwhile opinion without examining you.

That should have read "prolonged standing" not "prolonged swelling"! The joys of typing on an iPhone! Anonymous commented on May I have been using veins clear for two months and have not noticed any change in the apperance of the veins on my legsStandards varicosity, and if anything suffer worse pain mow in my left leg. Dr Paul Varcoe commented Standards varicosity May Standards varicosity There is no scientific study that has been done that demonstrates that Veins Clear has ever helped a single patient.

Until such studies are done I advise all patients to treat any claims made with extreme scepticism, Standards varicosity. A product can be registered by the TGA without any scientific proof that it helps anyone - products such as Veins Clear only have to pass safety and quality standards but NO efficacy requirements. There was another very heavily promoted product called Vein Away that was shown in a proper scientific study to have NO effect! Only with an accurate diagnosis and scientifically proven treatment will Standards varicosity problems improve.

Anonymous commented on Jun Dr Paul Varcoe commented on Jun Dear Mr Rajamani, Standards varicosity, Thank you for your contribution. You are the first person who I have had contact with not just through this blog who has told me they have had any benefit from this product. I am most interested to hear more from Standards varicosity. Specifically how long after you started Standards varicosity this product did you notice the improvements in swelling and pain and what specifically are the "other symptoms" of varicose Standards varicosity that you refer to?

I am 23 and have started to see small spider veins on my legs, if veins clear won't help, what can i do to get rid of them, Standards varicosity, apart from cosmetic surgery? Dear Meg, The only effective way to remove spider veins is with properly performed sclerotherapy.

This is explaind in more detail on my website, Standards varicosity. Standards varicosity commented on Jul My legs feel as if I hav, Standards varicosity. I have had a problem with one varicose vein in my right leg for 10 years and I am only It has become extremely Standards varicosity and constantly swells and bruises. My leg hurts to touch and any sort of bump or pressure sees it swell significantly. What can I do to get rid of the pain. Dr Paul Varcoe commented on Jul To get rid of the pain you need to have the vein treated by either Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy or Endovenous Laser Ablation.

Until i examine your leg I cannot advise which would be the suitable treatment. Dear Mr Rajamani, Standards varicosity, You continue to be the only person who I have heard of who claims they have benefitted from this product. I ask all of my patients who have tried it if they have noticed any difference with any aspect of the concerns that they have which are clearly related to their venous pathology and without exception they have all stated Standards varicosity they have had no benefit.

I find it very interesting that pain and swelling used to limit your ability to walk and that this was relieved by Veins Clear, Standards varicosity.

It is apparent that the symptoms that you attributed to venous pathology are in fact coming from arterial problems and certainly explains why you are the only person to my knowledge who has benefitted from Veins Clear. Perhaps Veins Clear does help arterial compromise but that is not what it is being marketed for, Standards varicosity. Joey D commented on Aug I have used Veins Clear for nearly Standards varicosity months and have found no difference in my veins at all, Standards varicosity.

I persisted for 3 months in the hope that maybe with continued use and exercise there would be some slight improvement, but alas this has not been the case. Another Standards varicosity of false advertising targeted at a vulnerable market.

Dr Paul Varcoe commented on Aug Hi Joey, You have summed up the thoughts of myself and many other patients Standards varicosity regards to this product, Standards varicosity.

It is yet another case of "Buyer Beware". Carl Thompson Standards varicosity on Aug There is nothing on the medical databases such as PubMed or the Cochrane Collaboration to indicate that any research on Veins Clear has ever been published It is also interesting to note that a complaint about the promotion of Veins Clear was upheld by the Complaints Resolution Panel of the Therapeutic Goods Administration: A study published in The Lancet in Diehm C. Comparison of Standards varicosity compression stocking and oral horse chestnut seed extract therapy in patients with chronic venous insufficiency.

The Lancet, Standards varicosity, volumeFebruary 3,pages to reported that aescin standardised to the German Commission E monograph was almost as effective as compression stockings. Dear Carl, Thank you for your contribution. The link that you supplied says it all!

My concerns about this product being Standards varicosity to address the concerns that the advertisement promotes were obviously well founded, Standards varicosity.

Hi Amanda, Thanks for your input, Standards varicosity. This is a potential issue for any product that has not been rigorously tested under controlled scientific conditions, Standards varicosity. Not only does the product not do what the advertisement claims see judgement in previuos blog but you run the risk that there are unwanted side effects, Standards varicosity.

Anonymous commented on Sep I having been using clear vein for over 4 months I have 2 in my lower leg that occasionally stick out Since taking the product the veins have lightened Quite significantly and no longer appear on the surface this product Has worked well for me, Standards varicosity.

Dr Paul Varcoe commented on Sep Hi Bren, In all the communications I have had about this product the claims that it works have been infrequent to say the least. It would have been Standards varicosity interesting to have before and after photos to objectively confirm what you have claimed. It was interesting that in the case that was taken against the manufacturers see previous blog submission that to my knowlege the manufacturers were unable to often any scientific studies that supported any of their claims.

Anonymous commented on Oct Standards varicosity I think it cheapens the pharmacy as well to stock these products, not a credible place to gather good medical advice, the girl recommended it would probably be ok, Standards varicosity.

Anyway thanks, i suffer from bad veins and am always looking for more treatments, Standards varicosity. Dr Paul Varcoe commented on Oct Thanks for your comment Kylie. The key to this product, and others in the "complimentary Medicine" group, is that for them to be able to advertise all sorts of claims there is actually no TGA requirement regarding their efficacy usefulness.

So they don't have to prove, Standards varicosity any medically accepted method, that the product actually works just that it is "safe" to use and was manufactured in an appropriate way, Standards varicosity.

You'll see from a previous contribution on this blog that a person took them to task through an organisation and the manufacturers were directed to cease from making the claims that they were making. Hi, Standards varicosity, Well I have taken it. I have been suffering from varicose veins for about 6 years, Standards varicosity.

With the pain and symptoms coming on in sporadic intervals over this time the most recent episode had been going on for the last six months. I was experiencing numbness in extremities and stiffness Standards varicosity Salbe Cremes Krampf my hands, all from bad circulation resulting from faulty valves.

I had been exercising, taking aspirin and Ginkgo with only a small amount of improvement. After the first tablet of Veins Clear the pain in my thighs subsided within 10 minutes. I thought I was imagining it.

Now only five days later I am almost out of pain and can feel my circulation returning to normal. The results for me have been Standards varicosity.

Doppler Ultrasound Imaging for Detection of Deep Vein Thrombosis in Plastic Surgery Outpatients

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