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Often overlooked due to its Varizen in Chabarowsk to VladivostokKhabarovsk could easily be a highlight in the long line of predominately dull cities along the Trans-Siberian. But while most cities look their best when the sun is out, only in few is the effect as profound as in Khabarovsk — attractive parks, beaches, outdoor beer tents with live music, and classic architecture awaits if the weather gods favour you.

Even if you are unfortunate, it's not a loss to go indoors: However, crime is overall moderate with one of the notorious racial ethnic gangs known as Stolz Khabarovsk who often has a violent reputation for both LGBT travelers and foreigners of African or Asian descentso it is best to travel with utmost caution. Overlooking the confluence of the Amur and Ussuri Rivers, Khabarovsk is the second largest city in the Russian Far Eastapproaching Unlike Vladivostok, the city has never been closed to foreigners, and retains a distinct international feel, rare for the Russian provincial centers — a feeling propped up by an increasing Asian presence with arrivals from Asian countries now numbering over a million each year.

In turn, Asians come here to experience a piece of Europe close to home, with the fortunate effect that the city is spending huge sums of money renovating. Old classical buildings were spared much of the destructive effects of the civil war, and provide visitors with Varizen in Chabarowsk taste of the past, Varizen in Chabarowsk. From a European's perspective, Soviet city planning has unmistakeably taken its toll, but it is still far more attractive than your average Siberian city.

The climate Varizen in Chabarowsk temperate and monsoonal, with a cold, dry winter and a hot and humid summer. The city sees an average of mm precipitation in a year, but unfortunately the lions' share falls in the warm summer months.

The number of sunny days per year is 70, which is higher than Moscow's Climate-wise, Varizen in Chabarowsk, end of May - early June or end of August - early September are the best time for a Varizen in Chabarowsk. The lands near the confluence of the Ussury and the Amur, where today's Khabarovsk stands, have been populated for centuries by the indigenous Tungusic people.

Chinese expeditions reached this area as early as the first half of the 15th century, and in the midth century the Amur Valley became the scene of hostilities between the Russian Cossacks, trying to expand into the region, and the rising Manchu Qing Dynasty, bent on Varizen in Chabarowsk the region for itself.

Nearly a century of skirmishes between the Chinese, Koreans Varizen in Chabarowsk Cossacks followed, one of those involving Russian explorer Yerofey Khabarov, whose name the city later adapted.

The Treaty of Nerchinsk brought the conflict to a close and made the area an undisputed part of the Chinese Qing Empire, Varizen in Chabarowsk. Inthe area was ceded to Russia under the Treaty of Aigun. The Russian Geographical Society then began founding libraries, theaters, and museums in the growing city. Since then, Khabarovsk's cultural life has flourished. Much of the Varizen in Chabarowsk indigenous history has been well-preserved in the Regional Lore Museum and Natural History Museum and in places like near the Nanai settlement of Sikhachi-Alyan, where cliff drawings from more than 1, years ago can be found.

The Trans-Siberian first reached Khabarovsk from Vladivostok inwhile the complete railway to Moscow did not see completion until Three years later, the Khabarovsk Bridge across the Amur was completed, allowing Trans-Siberian trains to cross the river without using ferries.

The city was occupied by the Japanese for much of the Russian Civil War, which may offer some explanation to the many old buildings still standing around the city center. KHV — With the more than 1. Also the Novy Airport is a refueling and emergency landing point for polar flights between North America and Asia.

The airport is split to two Varizen in Chabarowsk - Domestic and International one with minutes walking distance between them. All public transit are located near the International Terminal. While taxi can be found in abundance at both terminals. With Aeroflot and S7 being the members of SkyTeam and Oneworld list of possible destinations through a code-sharing flight extends to the whole South East Asia, Varizen in Chabarowsk.

Wikitravel has a guide to Trans-Siberian Railway. There are several trains each day bound for Vladivostok km and Moscow about km along the main Varizen in Chabarowsk line. Other options include trains or to Blagoveshchenskfor Tynda, for Komsomolskfor Vanino - all on the Baikal-Amur Mainline. Vanino is an interesting option as it allows ein Kompressionskleidungsstück für sportliche mit Krampfadern connections to Sakhalin and further on to Wakkanai in Japan — see more details in the Russia to Japan via Sakhalin itinerary.

If you want to go to places along the Amur river the Meteor speedboats will often be your transport of choice but only during the navigation period usually May to mid October, Varizen in Chabarowsk.

Inhowever, the water level in the Amur was at a historic low, Varizen in Chabarowsk, so that the river traffic was disordered. If operated normally you can consider these options:.

There are two kinds of public Varizen in Chabarowsk in Khabarovsk - municipality-owned and private. All trams and trolleybuses are operated Varizen in Chabarowsk local transit authority, Varizen in Chabarowsk, marshrutkas are all private, buses are split between the two.

While maintaining the same fare several differences can be noted. Firstly, municipal vehicles have a timetable which can usually be found at the bus stop while private buses do not and stop circulating when it gets unprofitable.

Secondly, municipal transport tends to get more crowded especially true for trams as it allows certain categories mainly pensioners to travel at a preferential tariff. Thus you can check all vehicles currently en route online [26]. Khabarovsk is a relatively compact city, making it a walker's delight and at times being the quickest method of transport.

The best thing to start with is to walk around the central part of the city, Varizen in Chabarowsk. Here you will find all sorts of shops and places to eat. The journey takes around minutes. Other important tourist locations within the city center can be reached on foot too.

The city has a network of six tram lines Lines 1, 2, 5, 6, 8 and 9. The most useful section for visitors is the stretch of the network running from the main railway station along Amursky Boulevard, before making a left Varizen in Chabarowsk up Sheronova St. The remainder of the network mainly extends into the sleepy suburbs. Line 5 serves the North from the main railway station. Keep your ticket until the end of the journey.

Trolleybus network accounts for 4 lines. Lines 3, 4 and 5 connect southern city district Sudoverf with Komsomolskaya Sq, airport and main railway station respectively, while Line 1 has a connection between airport and Komsomolskaya Sq. Varizen in Chabarowsk promenade, Museum cluster. Same 15 RUB fare. The most useful is the bus 1, which runs a circle line along the city center. It originates from the Railway station, turns down Seryshev Varizen in Chabarowsk. It then runs the entire length of Lenina St.

The route 1 travels both clockwise and counterclockwise. See the above-mentioned website for the routes on the interactive map. There is Varizen in Chabarowsk fantastic cluster of top notch museums along Shevchenko Street, just behind the tall blue-domed Church of Theotokos on Komsomolskaya Square towards the river and stadium.

Not only are the museums some of the best in the far east, Varizen in Chabarowsk, they also make their home in some impressive century-old buildings dating back to before the revolution.

After a visit, the nice river promenade is just a short walk Varizen in Chabarowsk, so you can wash all that new found knowledge away with some pivos in good company. Tugged away just across the next street behind the military museum, you also find the Archeology Museum on Turgeneva street.

In addition to these listings there are also a Drama Theatre and a Childrens 'Theatrebut they are probably not of much interest unless you speak Russian, Varizen in Chabarowsk. None the less, Varizen in Chabarowsk, the city has a fairly vibrant cultural life. The local cuisine consists primarily of traditional Russian restaurants and different Asian-style places. Italian food is also common. However, Varizen in Chabarowsk, there's a great variety of cheap fast-food outlets on the streets.

Locals will happily teach you how to drink Russian-style. People are very friendly, and in general you will find lots of locals who would love to practice their English. Don't miss an offer to visit a Russian banya sauna somewhere outside the city. For the most part you should avoid the pubs and bars if weather permits, and indulge in the many beer tents instead, Varizen in Chabarowsk. Most bars play different styles of music, and there is usually live music going on in one of the tents.

Young crowd, and some establishments stay open till very late. This is also the starting point for Varizen in Chabarowsk host of river boats, taking the party going crowd on short cruises down the river with loud music banging out the speakers, Varizen in Chabarowsk. Pacific National University [27]formally a Polytechnic Institute, is now a full fledged university, with over Has a single Masters programme in Computer Sciences in cooperation with a German university, which is taught in English.

Khabarovsk State Varizen in Chabarowsk of Economics and Law [28] founded innow is one of the leading institutions in the Russian Far East that trains financiers and lawyers.

Far Eastern State University of Humanities [29] offers a summer course in Russian language in July as well as courses during the academic year.

Japanese Center in Khabarovsk offers course of Japanese language as well as participation in business seminars [33]. No hostels and not many unrenovated Soviet rooms, so accommodation is pretty steep — on the other hand, the situation is not much different from the rest of Russia. If the situation is desperate and you have a valid ISIC card, you could try to see if the university will hook you up with a room in their dorms — though call ahead instead of showing up on the day.

Mobile operators are the same as anywhere in Russia: Buying a SIM card needs a passport in Russia. Refilling locations are QIWI terminals or salons Varizen in Chabarowsk mobiles: The General post office at 28 Muravyov-Amurskiy St. The post-office at the railway station is located on 13 Leningradsky per. If you like hunting or fishing then there are plenty of things to offer.

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